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Bring Out the Best in Others

You have the power to bring out the best in others. Help others show you their best side by only seeing the best in them, by thinking only good thoughts about them. Create them as you want to see them and then, as you practice seeing them the way you want them to be, gradually, they will transform into what you want. We all create our reality and we can definitely create the people around us. I've done this myself. There is this young lady at my local pet store who I don't particularly care for because she is always dancing and singing at the register while ringing people up which, in turn, slows things down and causes mistakes. Granted, I'm glad she is so happy but, on the other hand, I would like to get in and out as quick as possible without mistakes and get on with my days work.

My initial reaction to this issue was to complain to her manager but instead of causing unnecessary problems and tension I decided to take matters into my own hands. If I create my own reality then I can bring out in her the attentive, responsible person I would like her to be. So, I set out and imagined her smiling behind the cash register, greeting me politely and ringing me up without mistakes. I did this for a while. I would say about a month or two. I gradually noticed things changing. When I went into the store she was never at the cash register. She was off doing something else. Then I noticed that when she was at the cash register, she greeted me with a smile and a genuine "How are you today?" No dancing or singing and she rang me up correctly. All this just because I wanted a different experience and imagined it to be so.

Try it!