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Create a Switch

As we all know, our minds can often go places we don't want it to go. If we let it run rampant, we will soon find ourselves in a place of self-pity, loathing, hate, guilt and all the emotions we classify as "bad." Because of this, we must take responsibility for our thoughts and create a switch. A switch is something that turns something on or off - as in a light switch. In this case you are creating a mental switch. Think of a serene, joyful scene or person and create a short but powerful story. Practice this switch in your head often so that it becomes natural. Whenever you find yourself in a thought you do not like turn your switch on immediately. Begin to think of that beautiful scene, person etc. and milk it, add to the story, go off into that story and never look back. You will find that you can't even remember what you were thinking of before you switched the switch. Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

In Every Moment

In every moment you are walking into that which you DO want and that which you DO NOT want by the thoughts you are projecting as you go about your moments. What are you anticipating? What are you expecting as you move through space and time? Are you choosing to catch the train or bus that just pulled in, making that light without hurry, doing well on that job interview, securing that client, having a great day at work, getting along with someone you don't particular care for?

When you say "yes" to the above questions, and others you put before you, you are inviting good people, things and events into your life.

Let's take back control of what happens in our lives by deliberately choosing, in every moment, to experience only the best.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

Prayer Creates

Absolutely prayer creates magic! When we pray doors open, opportunities make themselves known, lovers arrive, money fills our wallet and happiness prevails. Pray with joy often and then sit back and watch your world unfold in glorious ways.