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Try, Try, Try Again

Do not be afraid to ask and receive. Do not be afraid to be "wrong." If you are afraid to be wrong you will never learn. You will forever be stuck where you are and will never be satisfied nor will you learn the truth behind all that you see. Try and try again, and if you are "wrong" each time keep trying and know that in time you will know the truth. Ask no matter what.

God Answers

God will never abandon you. If you are not hearing his answer, his word, then it is not because he is not answering you. It is because your mind may be cluttered with the things of this world. It is because you may be doubting that you CAN hear his voice. It is because you may be too stressed, anxious, feeling unworthy etc. Check yourself for the answer as to why you may not be hearing him and then know that these thoughts are not real. God adores you. Rest in the knowing that the God within will never, ever, abandon you. He is listening and answering your every desire. This is the truth.

Our Children

It is up to us as adults to instill in our children that they are Spiritual beings from the onset and not merely human beings.  We all come from God and are expressions of God. They need a foundation to work from and the best foundation and the ONLY real foundation is that they are rooted in God. When they know this they will feel more stable in this world of chaos where so many false ideas are thrown at them everyday. Do not let the false gods of this world, which live in the media, entertainment, traditional religion, corporate and political arenas, tell our children who they are and where they come from. The Truth is God. There is no other Truth.

Be as a Child

There are approximately 24.1 million individuals in the United States of America who are experiencing complete and utter joy no matter what's going on around them. They are 0 - 5 years of age. As Christ said, "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." My interpretation of this saying is that when we become like children we will experience the joy we seek. Remind yourself of how you were as a child; you did not know what was going on in the world. All you cared about was eating, sleeping and, most importantly, having FUN! You were the one showing your parents, at the time, that whatever was going on in their lives, things were okay, that there was always room for joy. You were the light. Refrain from letting any condition get you down. You are worthy of joy, peace and love. It is all up to you.

Remember, happiness is just one thought away.

Exercise Your True Power

Make it a habit to exercise your true power everyday. Your true power is your power to choose your thoughts. The power to think positively, optimistically, joyfully, to think of only that which you desire, to think of the good that surrounds you. Take 15 minutes a day to think deliberately about what you want. Set your timer and for 15 minutes only think of the good. Just like you exercise your legs, arms etc. begin to take time to exercise your mind. This 15 minutes of deliberately focusing on the good will lift you up and will open the flood gates to all that you desire. It works. Trust me.

Examples of I Want

A few days ago we discussed starting a sentence with "I love" or "I want" when you're not feeling your best. I gave examples of  "I love." Today I want to give examples of starting a sentence with "I want." In any moment, you choose which start feels good to you and have fun with it. Say it with zest, but if you are not feeling zestful, don't worry, just begin and you will get there. Let's begin, "I want to feel good. I want to feel my joy. I want to feel alive. I want to feel radiant. I want to feel eager. I want to feel unstoppable. I want to feel on top of the world. I want to feel excited. I want to love my life. I want to smile. I want to laugh. I want to be joyful. I want to love. I want to scream at the top of my lungs with utter joy !" Continue until you're feeling relief and enjoy it. Do it often. Be consistent, never look back, always look forward. Try it!

Practice Faith

Practicing faith can be extremely challenging, especially when someone you love is ill. What to do? Well, the first thing is to understand what faith is. Faith, to me, is not only believing in the unknown and that all will work out, it is also holding that person/animal in a state of well being. Seeing them, within your mind, whole and happy without fail, for this is where the power of the God within lies and does its work. This is challenging while everyday you witness them in a state of illness. I believe also that when someone you love is in your care, or anyone for that matter, you must be well yourself. You must be whole, you must be in a state that is connected with the power of the God within. There is no room for sadness, anger, hate and all the negative emotion. Think of Christ. He went into the desert and meditated on being whole, on knowing that he was God - so much so, that just by his presence he was able to heal, that is how connected he was. He was not in a state of anger or sadness as he healed. He was in a state of knowing. There was no effort. He was so aware of the presence of the well-being within the person who was ill that he was able to bring them into vibration with their well-being (if they chose to accept it). He did not see anything else but the persons well-being and then he proclaimed, "It is your faith that makes you whole." Meaning, because they believed in him they were healed, not because he healed. He provided the knowing, the confidence, the clarity of well-being that was necessary for the healing, if they wanted it. All things are possible with faith. Christ had faith. My aim is to embody the faith of Christ.

I Let Go and Let God

Often times we carry the burden of "making" the things we want come to be when in fact it is none of our concern as to how all things that we desire will come to pass. It is solely our concern to feel joy and eagerness at its arrival and to continue on with our day to day activities free of worry.

Say this mini-prayer often and let all that you desire come into fruition.

"I let go and let God do what I could not do with an army of me."

excerpt from: Prayers for Everyone: Strength

Too many rules

The more rules and regulations we impose on society, the more criminals we create. Cultivating trust is the only way we will rid ourselves of this ever growing plague. When we come to realize who we really are, there is no fear. There is only love, trust, respect, appreciation and understanding of all that surrounds us. Today, and everyday, let's choose to cultivate trust in ourselves and in the God within, the Universe.


Confidence is simply your mind being free of all worry. Worry that someone or something will hurt you. Worry that people do not like you. Worry that the world is dangerous, that money is scarce, that were not talented enough. These worries keep us in a state of fear which then peels away at our confidence in ourselves that nothing can hurt us, that we are always looked after and taken care of no matter who we are with or where we choose to go. Begin to practice thoughts that make you feel stronger, hang around people that are uplifting and comforting to you, watch shows that make you laugh and relax in the knowledge that your nature is strength and well-being.

Once you get your thoughts under control, your natural state of confidence will emerge.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

Eternal Youth is Yours

Through self-love, understanding of who you truly are and the belief that all of your desires are already being worked upon by the God within, eternal youth must be yours.

Practice and focus upon the thought and feeling of what it would feel like to be the "age" you want to look and feel like everyday and smile as you pretend to be that which you already are in the eyes of the God within. Go there often and milk the feeling and play around and have fun. Laugh a lot along the way and never look back. Be eager for your new self and rejoice.


Focus - what a powerful word that will strengthen, uplift and reward you a thousand fold. Practice the Art of Focus and experience instant relief and empowerment.

Focusing on what you want and what you love assists in relieving you of the angst you feel when you're focused upon things that worry you - the things that you do not want to come to pass. When I find myself entrenched in worry about something that I can not control - like something that someone has done to me that I did not like - I immediately shift my attention and focus upon something that requires my full attention, like a game of tileUp or Wordsearch or something that is timed. May sound silly or childish but it has worked for me many times and has stopped me from going in a direction that would be far worse and cause me unnecessary pain. I instantly feel relief and if, when I stop the game, the unpleasant thought comes in to play again, I go back to my game until I do it so many times that the unpleasant thought has given up.

Practice focusing often and you will find that when your attention shifts to something unpleasant it will get easier and easier to refocus yourself on something that makes you feel good. You are worth it.

Success is a Given

Success, in anything and everything we do, is always a given. The God within only knows success and so we should only expect success in our endeavors. Here's the rub, success can be success in failing or success in achieving. We run the show and we run it with our thoughts, feelings and actions and so if you believe in the success of your venture then the God within will give you the success that you expect. If you believe in the failure of your venture then the God within must give you what you expect. It's important to think about what your beliefs are in any given subject and then observe your life and what you are receiving in response to your beliefs. Self-observation will reveal your true beliefs and if you don't like what you're seeing then change your belief. 

Word of the Day: Hope

Hope is a powerful word that can take you from nothing to something. Hope is the step we take before we receive what we desire. Hope helps us to remain positive and eager for what we want.When all else fails look to hope for comfort and knowing - the piece of the puzzle that bridges the gap between what is and what is about to be.

LoveNicole Riverafaith, hope, love