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To Be Reborn

What does it mean to be reborn? It means to realize, to remember, once again who you truly are. To remember that it is God's good pleasure to give you the abundant life and therefore you now open the flood gates and allow yourself to receive it; to remember that you are not the fears that you hold on to but are the Spirit that rises above these fears and remembers that you are more than the fears you have created, thus, you let them go and begin to live in fearlessness; to remember that you are commanded to have dominion over the earth and, thus, you let go of all that is unlike God that is stopping you from fulfilling this commandment and now you know that you can truly be, do, and have whatever it is you desire. To be reborn is to remember that nothing can hurt you because everything on this earth is unreal and cannot hurt that which is real; You are real. Be reborn today by letting go of all that is unlike God in your being. Set yourself free.


A surefire way to know that you are thinking an untruth about a situation is when you are feeling fearful. If your thought is in any way fearful, hateful, depressing, doubtful, and all other negative thoughts in between, that is a sign, in that moment, that what you are thinking is not God's will for you. Fear is untruth. Joy is truth. God's will for you is happiness. God's will for you is wellness. God's will for you is prosperity. God's will for you is love. God's will for you is joy.

Sole Purpose of Fear

All fears, no matter what form they take, are meant to separate us from the God within. That is their sole purpose. Knowing this and knowing who we truly are, it is now time to dismiss all fears that plague our minds, for they are unreal and have no power over us unless we choose to give them power through our attention. It is up to you.

Fear the Destroyer

Fear is the most paralyzing "fear" in existence. It will literally stop you in your tracks. Walking the path to Christhood means letting go of all fears. They must be confronted and dismissed as unreal. Does this mean we have to confront them in this physical reality? For ex., if we fear the dark or spiders does it mean we have to lock ourselves in a closet or have spiders crawl all over us? No, thank God! All fear originates in the mind, thus it can be confronted and dismissed in the mind. Everything is mind. How do we do this? We imagine ourselves experiencing what we fear. When we do this we realize that it wasn't so bad and we dismiss it. The degree to which it is released is all up to you and your willingness to see it as unreal and let it go. Remember you have free will. Will it come back? It might. Each person is different. If it does come back it will not be as strong in you and so you must dismiss it right away. If it keeps surfacing then you know you must go deeper. What is the real cause of the fear? What is the belief behind the fear? What is the illusion behind the belief? Once you figure out the underlying cause of the fear you will be able to dismiss it more easily. You are not alone in this. When you choose to confront your fears invoke the presence of Jesus and he will guide you through it. He will not let you do this alone nor should you have to.

(Of course, I am NOT a psychiatrist, so seek professional assistance if you feel you need to and this should not replace any counseling you may be receiving at this time.)