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To Be Reborn

What does it mean to be reborn? It means to realize, to remember, once again who you truly are. To remember that it is God's good pleasure to give you the abundant life and therefore you now open the flood gates and allow yourself to receive it; to remember that you are not the fears that you hold on to but are the Spirit that rises above these fears and remembers that you are more than the fears you have created, thus, you let them go and begin to live in fearlessness; to remember that you are commanded to have dominion over the earth and, thus, you let go of all that is unlike God that is stopping you from fulfilling this commandment and now you know that you can truly be, do, and have whatever it is you desire. To be reborn is to remember that nothing can hurt you because everything on this earth is unreal and cannot hurt that which is real; You are real. Be reborn today by letting go of all that is unlike God in your being. Set yourself free.


Confidence is simply your mind being free of all worry. Worry that someone or something will hurt you. Worry that people do not like you. Worry that the world is dangerous, that money is scarce, that were not talented enough. These worries keep us in a state of fear which then peels away at our confidence in ourselves that nothing can hurt us, that we are always looked after and taken care of no matter who we are with or where we choose to go. Begin to practice thoughts that make you feel stronger, hang around people that are uplifting and comforting to you, watch shows that make you laugh and relax in the knowledge that your nature is strength and well-being.

Once you get your thoughts under control, your natural state of confidence will emerge.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.