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Hate and Anger

There is too much hate and anger in the world today. Brother against brother. Sister against sister. We have lost our way and have given in to our emotions. We are overly sensitive. We are believing that we can be hurt by what others say or do, yet it is our ignorance of who we truly are that keeps us tied to this perverted belief. No one can hurt us by word or deed. We are invulnerable to attack when we practice defenselessness. When we are defensive we are attacked. When you read, hear or see something that disturbs your core take a deep breath and turn to your God for the truth. Practice non-reaction. When you refrain from reacting you put yourself in a position to forgive. From this state you will find freedom.

Forgiving Ourselves and Others

Forgiveness is one of the toughest challenges we face yet it is the key to receiving the abundant life we all desire and are commanded to live. If we do not forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes then we, unwittingly, bring the past into our present and future thus keeping ourselves and others where we are. It is an endless cycle of punishing ourselves and each other. How do we step off the wheel? We must forgive. How do we forgive? By allowing ourselves to let go of the past and realize that the past was just a misguided thought/action that took hold in us and one that we continued to think for a long period of time thereby making it truth in our lives and the catalyst for everything that happens to us in the future. God forgives the moment you realize this truth. Now, it is up to you to let go of the negativity surrounding the past mistake and begin to insist on focusing on the new. For ex., let's say you are not where you want to be financially. Let's say you continue to say/think things like, "I should have taken a different job. I shouldn't have invested in that. I should have finished high school. I should have finished or gone to college. I should have never...." I can go on and on. You fill in your own story. Realize now that these thoughts about yourself and what you should have done are what is holding you back from living an abundant life. The Creator must give you what you want whether you consciously or unconsciously want it. You tell your Creator "I want.. or I am.." through what you think about yourself and others and thus the Creator must make this a reality for you. So, if you keep thinking and regretting your choices in the past you will continue to receive the result of your choices in the past based on your belief. At some point, you must let these thoughts and images of yourself go and realize that you, and no one else, are holding you back from what you desire. You must take responsibility for what you have created in your life and then let it go by beginning to introduce new thoughts and images about yourself and others into your awareness. God is forgiving. We must forgive and when you finally have had enough and begin to forgive you will have literally set you and your brothers and sisters free.

You Are the Control You Seek

No matter how out of control you may feel trust that you are always in control. The only reason you feel out of control is because you have given your power to someone or something else. You have blamed someone or something else for the situation you are in. The only way to regain control of any situation is to take back your power by taking the blame, by taking responsibility for your life. Once you say, "It's his/her fault. It's their fault," you have lost your power because now you are in a position where in order for you to be in control, or feel relieved or happy "she/he" and "they" must give that to you. You must wait for them to say, "I'm sorry," or "It's my fault." How many people want to take blame or responsibility? Very, very few. When you take responsibility you are now in a position to forgive, give up and let go of the issue or situation that has been haunting you, that has made you feel out of control. This is true freedom, for now you count on no one or no place for your happiness. You now count on yourself.

Guilt the Destroyer

Guilt is an absolute destroyer of the mind and body. Do not engage in it. Do not try to justify it - it will not work - it will only strengthen the guilt and send you deeper into chaos. All guilt wants to do is deny you of the God within. It wants you to think you are unworthy of God and wants to continue to separate you from your God. First, it is impossible to be separated from the God within. Second, God has already forgiven you and those around you for whatever you think you, or they, have done that was a mistake. Now it is your turn to forgive yourself and those around you. If you are feeling guilty about something, let it go and know that you are forgiven. If you are angry at someone and want them to feel guilty, let it go and know that they are forgiven. Instead of offering guilt and blame to yourself and others, offer Love. Flood yourself with love and send love to the other. This will ease your guilt and you will loosen its hold on you. In turn, you will strength your sense of Self. Then rest in the God within knowing that you are loved.