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Life is Simple

Life is as simple as:

"Ask and you shall Receive."
"Knock and the door shall be Opened."

And yet we still insist on struggling. These above laws are simple yet so difficult to implement because we have learned that life is a struggle that life is unfair.

Let's begin to take the words of our Lord to heart and live simply and freely with joy in our hearts, love on our minds and peace within our Souls.

God's Good Pleasure

It is God's good pleasure to give us the abundant life, yet, so many of us struggle to make ends meet. We struggle to provide for our families. We struggle in our relationships, we struggle with our health. Why is this? We say, "If it is God's good pleasure to give me the abundant life then why am I barely making ends meet, why am I sick?" God says to us, "It is my pleasure to give you the abundant life but I cannot give you what you are holding yourself back from receiving. The abundance you desire in every area of your life is there. It is flowing to you, yet, you block it from manifesting into your physical experience because you are denying it. How are you denying it? You deny it with the thought of doubt, the thought of fear, the belief that you do not have what you desire. You deny my abundance when you refuse to use the gift I have given you to lift yourself out of the state of consciousness that is called death instead of seeking the kingdom of heaven within you which is the consciousness of life. The gift I have given you is the Christ mind. This mind knows all, sees all, hears all, is all. Connect with the Christ within you, the God within you, and you will begin to breakdown the death consciousness, and as you do this the abundant life will be revealed to you."

Ending Your Life

If ever you, or someone you know, feel it necessary to end your life because things are not going well and there seems to be no way out, I am here to tell you, Do Not Do It. Why? Because you are the Light Of God. You are the Light sent into this world to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to Earth. You are an integral part of God's Divine Plan and to all of life itself. Ending life, whether it be your own or that of another, is a devastating loss to God and all of our brothers and sisters. God, and all of us, need you. Do your best to think on God and nothing else. Turn away from all that depresses you no matter what form it takes. Know that the way you are feeling is temporary and will gradually fade away as you turn towards, and seek out, the God within. The world can be a depressing place but know that it does not have to be that way. As we all begin to realize who we truly are, we can begin to take back this world and give it over to God. You are a part of this realization, you are important and you are loved.