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The majority of God's people have been so caught up in complaining, and arguing their point of view that they have been cleverly distracted from God's work. There is less light being poured into this world when we are pulled into chaos. Deliberate? We must get back on track swiftly.

Mis-Qualified Light

There are those who will say that we have no right to interfere with what others are doing. There are those who will not get involved when they see something that is unpleasing and goes against what their heart tells them for fear of being told that they should mind their own business and let people do what they want. They will say that it is a person's free will to, for ex., treat a child or animal in a bad way, to do or say things that hurt others, themselves, the evironement. Well, I say that I may not have the right to interfere with the free will of others but I DO have the right, by the power given me by God, to purify God’s light. All children of God, all of God's creations, and that includes you, have the right to re-qualify God's light when you see it being mis-qualified by another no matter what form it takes or how big or small it appears. How do you know when someone is mis-qualifying God's light? First you must go within and find peace. You can not assess any situation without the peace, and word, of God flowing through you. When you have calmed down and have looked upon the situation from the point of view of God you will know if it is truly a mis-qualification of God's light.  If you fail to see the love, peace, joy, happiness and harmony that God commands us to experience then you know that what is being outplayed before your eyes is impure. God calls upon you to purify it with his power flowing through you for that is your purpose; your purpose is to bring God's light into this world, into all inharmonious situations, so that he might bring all mis-qualified light into the pure light that I AM. All mis-qualified light on this planet must, and will, be brought back to the pure light of God and we are the ones that have the power given us by God to do it. We are the ones that will raise this planet up into the light of God's pure being and when we accomplish this we will all experience heaven on earth.

As I Walk

As you go about your day remember, "As I walk in this world the Light of God emanates from me purifying all that I pass, healing all that I pass, loving all that I pass, harmonizing all that I pass. All that I pass, whether people, animals, plants, places or the elementals, the Light of God that shines through me affects all, therefore, my mind is pure and my heart is pure, for as I think, feel and do, I qualify God's Light. And as pure as my heart and mind are that is how pure God's Light will be and how effective it will be as I walk."

Your Prayers Matter

When we pray intently, and invoke the Light of God, sometimes we see things happen that we do not like. We say, "But I was praying for good things. Why am I seeing so many bad things? Is this my fault?" No, it is not your fault. Sometimes when we pray and invoke the Light of God the darkness shows itself and challenges us. Our prayers flush the darkness out. Do not stop praying. Allow God to do his work the way in which he sees fit. It is our job to be the instrument for his Light to flow through so that he can do his work. Rest assured that your prayers matter.

Divine Justice

We talk about justice, justice for all, but what is true justice? The only true justice is Divine Justice and when we see Divine Justice outpictured on this earth all forms of justice will fall into place. Divine Justice is God's justice. As co-creators with God, as Creations of God, as Sons and Daughters of God, it is our duty and innate desire to see that God is seen, heard, and felt in this world, his world. Divine Justice is seeing that God is sought after first and foremost in all of our affairs, personally and universally; in our governments and nations around the world, for with God all things are possible. If you consider yourself the Light of God, then you serve to bring God's light into this world by being the Light, shining your Light, being the example of the Light to others. Never deny the Light in you. You deny the Light of God by being less than the Light, by being angry, hateful, jealous, depressed, judgemental, by allowing the not so nice forces to wreak havoc in your mind, your deeds and words. Let's give it our all and BE Divine Justice.

Be in the World

Be in the World today. And when you are in the World, be the Light of God that you are. Allow the God within to shine through your every thought, deed and word, so that others will see that the Love and Light of God does exist in this world. The Light and Love that God wants to shine through you is so important to the whole, to you and to all of your brothers and sisters. Be deliberate and mindful in everything you do, say, and think knowing that you are Being the Light and Love of God on earth, the example for others to follow.

Uplift Your Community

When we take responsibility for our communities, our neighborhoods, we have the power to change them from within. If you are wanting to uplift your neighborhood, your community, because you are seeing things that are not in line with the love of God then know that you have the power to change what you are seeing. Everything begins and ends with you. This is good news because it means that you are in control. Begin to use God's Light to uplift your neighborhood by first shining God's Light through you. Once you do this, shine God's Light upon your neighborhood. Keep your mind pure and filled with only the best for you and your neighborhood. This takes practice, like all things. The more you use the power of the Light of God, the more it will work for you. One person can make a difference. Set time aside everyday, even if it's just 5 minutes to start, and use the Light of God. It works. I've done it in my neighborhood. It will only work if you first try and keep trying and doing until you begin to see changes in yourself and in your neighborhood. Once you see changes you will be pleased and will desire to include the entire Body of God. Trust me, the Light of God works.

I Am Risen

"I Am Risen!" - You have just begun the process of raising your consciousness to a higher level by saying those words. If you are ever feeling, or being, less than you know you are, say immediately, "I Am Risen, Lord, I Am Risen!" This statement, though seemingly simple, is so powerful, for it automatically raises your level of being to a higher level and ultimately will raise you up to the level of consciousness Jesus attained, if you will allow it. If you have to, say it all day. Refrain from any expectations or struggle when saying these words, just say them as truth. The darkness can not survive in the light of God. It is impossible.

Our Prayers are Needed

The world needs our prayers today. I ask that you join me on the top of every hour today in saying this prayer for the people and government of Syria:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now command, I do demand, that the Light of God shines forth into the hearts and minds of the people and government of Syria. I demand that the Light of God consumes all hatred and anger. I demand that the Light of God consumes all dark forces that are manipulating the people and government of Syria. I demand the Light of God be allowed to take over and bring peace and love to the people and government of Syria. That it raise the consciousness of the people and government into a state of love, opulence, peace and joy. I demand that the Light of God consumes all unlike itself and transmutes it into love. It is done. Amen.