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It breaks my heart to read about all that is happening in regards to the subject of abortion.

Truly, life is sacred. Have we not yet understood the consequences we will face when a child, a soul, is aborted, let alone killed when out of the womb? I don't understand.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

God Calls Out

God calls out to us in pure love and light and tells us, "I am the light that lights your path on this earth. Always and in every moment of your waking life here on this planet look to me for your answers, for the answers I give you are permanent and follow my laws, whereas, the laws of this planet, that you have made up to satisfy a false god, are untrue, unreal and fleeting."

Express Love

There is no other than Love. Love is all there is. Love is God. Love is you and all of your brothers and sisters and each should be seen in love by you, for if you are not able, or willing, to see love in all than you will forever live in a lower sense of self which does not know true love nor wants to accept love from God. God is all there is and you are all there is for you are one with God and all of life. Express that love in any way you choose to, this is your right and your free will. It does not matter the form it takes. All that matters is that you express it that God might give you more to express and give you the abundant life that you so desire. Make it a habit to express love to all that you encounter throughout the day and when something comes up that disturbs you do not react but, instead, give it your love and walk away if you must in order to stop yourself from falling prey to the lesser part of yourself.

As I Walk

As you go about your day remember, "As I walk in this world the Light of God emanates from me purifying all that I pass, healing all that I pass, loving all that I pass, harmonizing all that I pass. All that I pass, whether people, animals, plants, places or the elementals, the Light of God that shines through me affects all, therefore, my mind is pure and my heart is pure, for as I think, feel and do, I qualify God's Light. And as pure as my heart and mind are that is how pure God's Light will be and how effective it will be as I walk."

Seeking Approval

When you find yourself seeking the approval of others, whether it be the approval, or recognition, of a parent, a spouse, a friend, an employer, a coworker etc., realize that it is a false desire. The true desire that is hidden beneath this false desire of approval is the true desire to be one with God. It is God's love we ultimately all seek on a deeper level of our being. We, as humans, have perverted this true desire into seeking recognition and approval in this world. So, when you catch yourself doing, saying, thinking or being something that is in line with seeking approval from that which is outside of God remind yourself that it is untrue, remind yourself that it is God you seek, and then realize that you do not need to do anything in order to receive God's unconditional love. He adores you, for he sees you as you truly are.

Martin Luther King Day 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Day to you and your loved ones. Martin Luther King is a symbol of equal rights, of freedom, not just for blacks but for all people of this world - no matter the color of their skin. He preached equal rights for the blacks but on a deeper level he preached freedom of the mind. Freedom to think the thoughts of the part of ourselves that is of God. Thinking from the point of view of God is where true freedom lies. When we freely think from God and get rid of the beam in our own eyes then we can truly see each other as children of God and not what we are on the outside, which has no baring on our true identity. Martin Luther King saw this and he knew this on every level of his being. He was the Light of God as we ALL are. Freedom to think will truly set us free, will truly strip us of all thoughts of inequality. No one can set us free but ourselves. No one can make us feel equal but ourselves. We must not rely on others to free us of our imagined problems or we will bind ourselves to them. We were all born free and equal, and we are all free and equal now. God offers us freedom. It is our choice to accept it. Together, let's set ourselves free from all of our problems, all of our hate, anger, jealousy, envy, pride and all negative emotions towards ourselves and each other. When we do this we will understand what true equality is from the point of view of God.

Out of Work

If you are out of work, whether unemployed at the moment or retired, God would love for you to volunteer. Why? Because when you are active in the world you allow God to work through you more effectively. When you work with individuals, whether children, homeless, disabled, and/or animals, you become the light of the world for God. Through you, God uplifts others to greatness, thereby lifting you up as well. You are needed in this world. Have fun!

How Can I Love

Many ask, "How can I love those who do "wrong," those who hurt me and others, those who deliberately do harm etc.?" The answer is to love God first and foremost. When you love God you love yourself when you love yourself you are able to love others. God loves all equally no matter what they have done that we deem as wrong. When we learn to love God and ourselves and allow God to love us then we will understand fully how God loves all equally. It is only when we can say, as Jesus said, "I and my Father are One," that we can truly understand how and why God loves all without judgement. When we are able to say Jesus' words then all will be revealed to us.

Ending Your Life

If ever you, or someone you know, feel it necessary to end your life because things are not going well and there seems to be no way out, I am here to tell you, Do Not Do It. Why? Because you are the Light Of God. You are the Light sent into this world to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to Earth. You are an integral part of God's Divine Plan and to all of life itself. Ending life, whether it be your own or that of another, is a devastating loss to God and all of our brothers and sisters. God, and all of us, need you. Do your best to think on God and nothing else. Turn away from all that depresses you no matter what form it takes. Know that the way you are feeling is temporary and will gradually fade away as you turn towards, and seek out, the God within. The world can be a depressing place but know that it does not have to be that way. As we all begin to realize who we truly are, we can begin to take back this world and give it over to God. You are a part of this realization, you are important and you are loved. 

O Mother Mary

With the fullness of the Divine Mother Mary's heart she offers you, in this day, this loving prayer. When you say this prayer with the fullness of your heart engaged, the Divine Mother Mary will bless you and keep you in her heart. Love truly is the key.

Say this prayer as many times as you like but at least 3 to 9 times in a row, in this way it will strengthen and build the energy allowing Mary's Presence to surround you more fully.

O Mother Mary Prayer
Be in the World

Be in the World today. And when you are in the World, be the Light of God that you are. Allow the God within to shine through your every thought, deed and word, so that others will see that the Love and Light of God does exist in this world. The Light and Love that God wants to shine through you is so important to the whole, to you and to all of your brothers and sisters. Be deliberate and mindful in everything you do, say, and think knowing that you are Being the Light and Love of God on earth, the example for others to follow.

A Part of the Body Of God

When we realize within every cell of our mind and body, and on all levels of our being, that we are all a part of the Body of God on earth we will never seek to say, think, or do anything that would hurt another one of God's children. We will never gossip or condemn but rather our first reaction to something that does not please us will be to understand and uplift. When we love God with all of our hearts, minds and souls we can not help but to love all that he has created and thus we seek to love and uplift at all times. God is all there is and we are a part of God. When we hurt one another, ourselves, an animal, Mother Nature and all life, we in turn hurt God. This can not be avoided. We can not say, "Well, he/she did this to me and I'm upset and they deserve everything they get and I hope something happens etc. etc.," and think we are not doing harm to God. My point is that we must come to realize that whatever we do to ourselves and to another (life), whatever we think, or say, about ourselves and about another that is not in harmony with what God thinks or would do, will inevitably hurt the whole, thus, before we think, say or do anything let's realize that we are the Oneness of God, the Body of God.

Choose Love Instead

Loving oneself is paramount on the journey to Christhood. When we love ourselves we are simultaneously loving the God within. Today we offer ourselves love. We will not criticize any part of ourselves but will choose love instead. We will not criticize any mistakes we think we have made but will choose love instead. We will not criticize any part of our bodies but will choose love instead. We will not criticize any of our thoughts but will choose love instead. We will not criticize our spiritual brothers and sisters but will choose love instead. In every moment we promise to remain true to who we truly are and choose love.

There's No Room for Hate

If we hold hate, anger, revenge or even mild dislike in our hearts and minds for any person, place, thing, animal, government, religion or anything else, we must let it go. There is no room for these emotions in God's Kingdom. It will not work. The God within does not harbor hate nor anger towards any of its creations thus we can not either. It goes against God's laws. We will not find the Kingdom if we engage in any negative emotion. We will not lose anything by giving up any negative emotion, for the God within will replace it with love, peace, happiness, opulence and joy if we will allow it.

Guilt the Destroyer

Guilt is an absolute destroyer of the mind and body. Do not engage in it. Do not try to justify it - it will not work - it will only strengthen the guilt and send you deeper into chaos. All guilt wants to do is deny you of the God within. It wants you to think you are unworthy of God and wants to continue to separate you from your God. First, it is impossible to be separated from the God within. Second, God has already forgiven you and those around you for whatever you think you, or they, have done that was a mistake. Now it is your turn to forgive yourself and those around you. If you are feeling guilty about something, let it go and know that you are forgiven. If you are angry at someone and want them to feel guilty, let it go and know that they are forgiven. Instead of offering guilt and blame to yourself and others, offer Love. Flood yourself with love and send love to the other. This will ease your guilt and you will loosen its hold on you. In turn, you will strength your sense of Self. Then rest in the God within knowing that you are loved.

Best Friend in the World

You have the most reliable, trustworthy, loyal, wisest, harmonious, loving, compassionate, beautiful, powerful, patient, peaceful, understanding friend you could ever have right within YOU. Turn to this friend, the God within, in good times and in not so good times. Make the God within your go to for all your desires and he will never let you down. This I know for sure.