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Express Love

There is no other than Love. Love is all there is. Love is God. Love is you and all of your brothers and sisters and each should be seen in love by you, for if you are not able, or willing, to see love in all than you will forever live in a lower sense of self which does not know true love nor wants to accept love from God. God is all there is and you are all there is for you are one with God and all of life. Express that love in any way you choose to, this is your right and your free will. It does not matter the form it takes. All that matters is that you express it that God might give you more to express and give you the abundant life that you so desire. Make it a habit to express love to all that you encounter throughout the day and when something comes up that disturbs you do not react but, instead, give it your love and walk away if you must in order to stop yourself from falling prey to the lesser part of yourself.

Out of Work

If you are out of work, whether unemployed at the moment or retired, God would love for you to volunteer. Why? Because when you are active in the world you allow God to work through you more effectively. When you work with individuals, whether children, homeless, disabled, and/or animals, you become the light of the world for God. Through you, God uplifts others to greatness, thereby lifting you up as well. You are needed in this world. Have fun!

How Can I Love

Many ask, "How can I love those who do "wrong," those who hurt me and others, those who deliberately do harm etc.?" The answer is to love God first and foremost. When you love God you love yourself when you love yourself you are able to love others. God loves all equally no matter what they have done that we deem as wrong. When we learn to love God and ourselves and allow God to love us then we will understand fully how God loves all equally. It is only when we can say, as Jesus said, "I and my Father are One," that we can truly understand how and why God loves all without judgement. When we are able to say Jesus' words then all will be revealed to us.

Volunteer to Begin Your Journey to Divine Love

An excellent way to begin to receive more fully the Divine Love of God is to give of the love you have already received. In giving to others you receive more from God. In giving you allow God to multiply your talents so that you can receive more. You allow God to love others and heal others through you. A great way to begin is to offer your services as a volunteer. There is an indescribable amount of joy one receives when assisting others on their journey, whether it be the homeless, the sick and disabled, children, the elderly etc. If you consider yourself the Light of God then consider spreading your Light to others through volunteering. The rewards you will receive from God are unmatched by anything you will ever receive from humanity.

Look Beyond

Today and everyday, the God within asks us to look beyond the poverty in this world and see the riches that he offers each and every one of us. He asks us to look beyond the physical decline of the human body that so many unnecessarily experience and see the eternal youth that he offers each and every one of us. He asks us to look beyond the hatred and anger so many feel towards each other to the love and peace he offers within our hearts, so that we will experience the true love that we are meant to feel for one another. He asks us to look beyond the depression, sadness, confusion and all negative emotions that overwhelm us to the clarity and knowing that is ours for the taking, so that we can relieve ourselves of the burdens we so unnecessarily hold within our hearts and minds. He asks us to look beyond the illusion that he does not exist, that he has abandoned us and see that he rests right within our hearts waiting for us to acknowledge his love for us that he wishes to express through us. The God within asks us to look beyond this world to the truth that awaits our recognition and that will set us free.