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Life is Simple

Life is as simple as:

"Ask and you shall Receive."
"Knock and the door shall be Opened."

And yet we still insist on struggling. These above laws are simple yet so difficult to implement because we have learned that life is a struggle that life is unfair.

Let's begin to take the words of our Lord to heart and live simply and freely with joy in our hearts, love on our minds and peace within our Souls.

God's Gift to Us

God's gift to us is his word. Say his name and, instantly, that which is of the divine gathers around you and blesses and protects you from all that is unlike God. In that moment you utter his name you are saved from the onslaught of forms that plague you. Rest in his name and have peace today and everyday.

There's No Room for Hate

If we hold hate, anger, revenge or even mild dislike in our hearts and minds for any person, place, thing, animal, government, religion or anything else, we must let it go. There is no room for these emotions in God's Kingdom. It will not work. The God within does not harbor hate nor anger towards any of its creations thus we can not either. It goes against God's laws. We will not find the Kingdom if we engage in any negative emotion. We will not lose anything by giving up any negative emotion, for the God within will replace it with love, peace, happiness, opulence and joy if we will allow it.

Best Friend in the World

You have the most reliable, trustworthy, loyal, wisest, harmonious, loving, compassionate, beautiful, powerful, patient, peaceful, understanding friend you could ever have right within YOU. Turn to this friend, the God within, in good times and in not so good times. Make the God within your go to for all your desires and he will never let you down. This I know for sure.

You are Renewed

In every moment you are being renewed and reborn. You have along side you spiritual guides who are tending to you ever so delicately with an enormous amount of love for you. If you feel a soft touch, a cool breeze, hear a gentle whisper, have a loving thought, know that this is from above, bringing you its peace, joy and love that is you. Embrace it.

Be as a Child

There are approximately 24.1 million individuals in the United States of America who are experiencing complete and utter joy no matter what's going on around them. They are 0 - 5 years of age. As Christ said, "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." My interpretation of this saying is that when we become like children we will experience the joy we seek. Remind yourself of how you were as a child; you did not know what was going on in the world. All you cared about was eating, sleeping and, most importantly, having FUN! You were the one showing your parents, at the time, that whatever was going on in their lives, things were okay, that there was always room for joy. You were the light. Refrain from letting any condition get you down. You are worthy of joy, peace and love. It is all up to you.

Remember, happiness is just one thought away.