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Born to Succeed

We are all born to succeed. The issue we face in this world is that there are so many things being thrown at us on a day to day basis that we forget this very important truth and thus bog ourselves down in nonsense. You are valuable to the whole. If there is something you want to do, be, or have and find that you have not been able to take the next step know that you are ready, know that you are qualified, know that you are mandated to take the next step. Do not let anything stop you. You do this by shrugging off the false thoughts and images and replace them with the thoughts of the God within. In your persistence to see the truth the next step will be revealed to you.

Be Consistent in Thought

All of your desires are meant to come into fruition. If you are not receiving what you desire then all you have to do is change your thoughts on that subject. Be consistent in the new thought. This is not a one off. Being optimistic, being positive, knowing you are worthy, being happy is a lifestyle. Begin to speak, think and act according to what you want. It works. It may take a little time depending on how persistent you are but it does work. This I know for sure.