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Hurricane Florence

Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters

who are in the path of Hurricane Florence.

We flood forth your Crystal White Light,

Surrounding each of your children,

protecting them from this formidable force.

We flood forth your Flame of Peace

into the eye of the storm, soothing it,

scattering it gently across the ocean.

Ease its pain and anger, Oh Lord,

allowing it to dissipate gracefully,

returning it to the pure Light of God.

Thank you, Oh Lord, for answering our prayer in Jesus’ name.


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Beams of Light

Prayers are beams of light that flood forth into the heart of our Creator. The stronger the will of the prayerful the more powerful the beam of light, thus the more effective the answer. When many pray in unison the beam of light is magnified; the results are bountiful. Many have prayed for the salvation of our brothers and sisters, our world and ourselves. Our Creator has heard our cries. Our Creator is answering as we live and breathe. Be aware of the shift that is taking place before your eyes. We are rising upward into the Light of God. Are you ready?

Prayers Fulfilled

There are many reasons why prayers seemingly go unanswered. Here are a few:

  • The person praying, on a deeper level, has decided to go through what h/she is going through so that they can show others that it is indeed possible to rise above what they are experiencing and so it may seem as if the prayer is going unanswered.

  • The person is not fully ready to transcend his/her current situation that is being prayed for.

  • The person, when praying, is not wholly focused in the moment and, thus, the powers of the Universe, the Creator, delivers accordingly.

  • The person does not really want to "heal" from the situation.

  • The person has not found another way of being and so s/he can not fully transcend the situation.

  • The person is fearful of moving forward and so holds her/himself back unconsciously.

Prayers ultimately are answered. It is up to us to accept what we are praying for. It sounds silly to believe that we would not want our prayers answered and knowingly hold ourselves back from receiving, but when you are able to see the beam in your own eye you will understand how this is possible.

Pray Without Ceasing

If we can think and talk constantly about politics, the latest news, celebrities, food, music, movies, the most popular shows and all the other things of this world then we should also, and more importantly, be thinking and talking constantly about God. Praying without ceasing is just that. And why is it more beneficial to think and talk constantly about God then about the madness in this world? Well, because when we pray without ceasing God works, God answers, God manifests, God rejoices, God fulfills desires, God loves, God lives, God has an outlet to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth. Pray without ceasing.

Your Prayers Matter

When we pray intently, and invoke the Light of God, sometimes we see things happen that we do not like. We say, "But I was praying for good things. Why am I seeing so many bad things? Is this my fault?" No, it is not your fault. Sometimes when we pray and invoke the Light of God the darkness shows itself and challenges us. Our prayers flush the darkness out. Do not stop praying. Allow God to do his work the way in which he sees fit. It is our job to be the instrument for his Light to flow through so that he can do his work. Rest assured that your prayers matter.

O Mother Mary

With the fullness of the Divine Mother Mary's heart she offers you, in this day, this loving prayer. When you say this prayer with the fullness of your heart engaged, the Divine Mother Mary will bless you and keep you in her heart. Love truly is the key.

Say this prayer as many times as you like but at least 3 to 9 times in a row, in this way it will strengthen and build the energy allowing Mary's Presence to surround you more fully.

O Mother Mary Prayer
Our Prayers are Needed

The world needs our prayers today. I ask that you join me on the top of every hour today in saying this prayer for the people and government of Syria:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now command, I do demand, that the Light of God shines forth into the hearts and minds of the people and government of Syria. I demand that the Light of God consumes all hatred and anger. I demand that the Light of God consumes all dark forces that are manipulating the people and government of Syria. I demand the Light of God be allowed to take over and bring peace and love to the people and government of Syria. That it raise the consciousness of the people and government into a state of love, opulence, peace and joy. I demand that the Light of God consumes all unlike itself and transmutes it into love. It is done. Amen.

Our Father

Our Lord's Prayer, the "Our Father," is such an important and revealing prayer of what Christ wanted us to embrace. How many of us have said this prayer without truly understanding what it means? I have recited it many times in the past and did not fully grasp what it meant. Below is my interpretation of the "Our Father." Please enjoy. Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name.

The above verse calls out to, and addresses, God as our Father and praises its name, for there is only one supreme God that embraces us all with an unwavering love.

Thy Kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven.

The above verse invokes God's Kingdom (God's world. God's life) into our lives and when it comes, by our impelling of it, God's will of all good is to manifest in our experience on earth as it is in Heaven - Heaven is perfection and all good, and thus this perfection and all good is to manifest in our lives on earth - right here, right now.

Give us this day

Our daily Bread

The above verse states that God provide for all of our needs - food, clothing, shelter etc., for God is the source of all of our desires. When we begin to rely on God as our source for all that we need on earth then it begins to show up in our lives. With consistent and persistent command of our good, God will unleash its bounty in all areas of our lives and you will be self-sustained. This requires trust, faith, persistence, strength of will and steadfastness to God.

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

The above verse states that God forgive the mistakes we have made in our lives as we forgive others who may have hurt us in some way. God forgives instantly. It is us who holds on to the wrong doing. It is important to remember that when something goes wrong in our lives forgiveness of ourselves and others is inevitably healing. When we forgive we cleanse our minds and bodies and begin a new. All is washed away and we can move forward. It is also important to remember to forget as we forgive, for if we hold a grudge or we continue to unearth what we have forgiven then we have not truly forgiven. Forgetfulness is key, as well.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from Evil.


The above verse states that God shield us and guide us from and away from the mis-creations of Humanity - to raise us up into God consciousness where all is Love and Light. This we accomplish by focusing and putting our attention only on God. When our attention is on God then we are not drawn into the mistakes of Humanity. These mistakes are disguised in our Media, TV shows, Music, Books, in the lives of others etc. If we focus on the drudgery of life and the faulty ideas of others that are fed to us in every moment of our public and private lives, we become pulled down into darkness, our minds become cluttered, we become overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, negative and lose sight of what's important - God.

The most gratifying practice we can indulge in daily that will lift us up is the focusing of our attention on the God within, the Universe, for it is the only true and permanent power available to all of us that will set us free, if we would only give it our undivided attention and make it the most important thing in our lives.

I Am that Power

Say this powerful mini-prayer, from the book Prayers for Everyone: Strength, throughout your day and when you drift off to sleep. Gradually, as you consistently repeat this prayer, you will transform in your knowledge of who you really are.

You are all there is. You are everything and everyone that surrounds you. You are an expression, a manifestation of the God within. You are the most important person in your life. You are.....

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

A State of Prayer Meditation

Being in a state of prayer and meditation strengthens the mind and body and opens the door to the spirit. In these moments, we have access to the God within, our higher self, and are able to receive answers to all of our questions. Being in this state is the best form of liberation. Once we liberate our minds from the day to day minutiae, we then become liberated in our physical reality and are limitless. As we practice this state of being it will become natural to us and, instead of having to get into this state, we begin to live in this state.

Can you feel it?

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.


Focus - what a powerful word that will strengthen, uplift and reward you a thousand fold. Practice the Art of Focus and experience instant relief and empowerment.

Focusing on what you want and what you love assists in relieving you of the angst you feel when you're focused upon things that worry you - the things that you do not want to come to pass. When I find myself entrenched in worry about something that I can not control - like something that someone has done to me that I did not like - I immediately shift my attention and focus upon something that requires my full attention, like a game of tileUp or Wordsearch or something that is timed. May sound silly or childish but it has worked for me many times and has stopped me from going in a direction that would be far worse and cause me unnecessary pain. I instantly feel relief and if, when I stop the game, the unpleasant thought comes in to play again, I go back to my game until I do it so many times that the unpleasant thought has given up.

Practice focusing often and you will find that when your attention shifts to something unpleasant it will get easier and easier to refocus yourself on something that makes you feel good. You are worth it.

Prayer is Confiding

I've always thought of prayer as a conversation with the God within - a part of me that is wiser than I am. That part that, if I just quiet my mundane thoughts, I could consciously communicate with. Sometimes I am able to hear this wiser thought and it brings me much relief. It invigorates me and enlivens me. It helps me to get up and get going. It inspires me.Prayer is golden. It is a God-like state of mind that knows all is well, nothing is stagnate and all is forever changing into what you desire. Some might say that what I desire is not what I am living, so how can things be changing into what I desire? Well, it all depends on how you are thinking and being. Are you saying out loud I want more money but then inside you're feeling poor? The God within knows exactly what you are truly saying by what you are feeling and even though things look like they are not changing, they are, they are just changing into the same thing.

Take care of how you feel in every moment and make it a habit to feel good by surrounding yourself with things, people, places and animals that feel good. Do this consistently and you will discover the beauty of God.

Prayer Creates

Absolutely prayer creates magic! When we pray doors open, opportunities make themselves known, lovers arrive, money fills our wallet and happiness prevails. Pray with joy often and then sit back and watch your world unfold in glorious ways.

Prayer Ignites

It does indeed! Enjoy your prayers today and everyday. Praying is meant to strength, to enliven and infect joy. Yes, prayer gets us excited, at least I get excited because when I pray I am happy. I know that what I am stating to the God within, I will get. I know that the God within says yes to all that I desire and as I am adamant in my prayers, God becomes more adamant and quick to bring it to me. Enjoy your prayers and prayer with confidence and joy.