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One of the greatest gifts God can bestow upon us is the gift of being able to exercise non-reaction. This is one of the most challenging gifts to master. To be able to see something you dislike and not react. To be able to hear something you dislike and not react. To be able to read something you dislike and not react. To be able to not react when someone does something you do not like. I consider all of the above tests given to me to overcome my lower self. The part of me that is less than the God within me; the Spirit that I AM. In these times, I stop and breath deeply so as to invite the Holy Spirit into my being to cleanse the negativity that tries to take hold of and disturb my core. I call out Jesus’ name and invite him into my being to wash me clean. I call upon Mother Mary to flood me with her Unconditional Love. And then I relax and realize that I AM More than the emotion of negativity. I AM Pure Love and love is what I choose to emanate.


It breaks my heart to read about all that is happening in regards to the subject of abortion.

Truly, life is sacred. Have we not yet understood the consequences we will face when a child, a soul, is aborted, let alone killed when out of the womb? I don't understand.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

Progressive Movement

The true Progressive Movement consists of individuals who think, speak, and act with the intention of moving the soul forward in its evolution towards oneness with its creator. This is the only way in which we can truly change ourselves and our world for the better.

Mis-Qualified Light

There are those who will say that we have no right to interfere with what others are doing. There are those who will not get involved when they see something that is unpleasing and goes against what their heart tells them for fear of being told that they should mind their own business and let people do what they want. They will say that it is a person's free will to, for ex., treat a child or animal in a bad way, to do or say things that hurt others, themselves, the evironement. Well, I say that I may not have the right to interfere with the free will of others but I DO have the right, by the power given me by God, to purify God’s light. All children of God, all of God's creations, and that includes you, have the right to re-qualify God's light when you see it being mis-qualified by another no matter what form it takes or how big or small it appears. How do you know when someone is mis-qualifying God's light? First you must go within and find peace. You can not assess any situation without the peace, and word, of God flowing through you. When you have calmed down and have looked upon the situation from the point of view of God you will know if it is truly a mis-qualification of God's light.  If you fail to see the love, peace, joy, happiness and harmony that God commands us to experience then you know that what is being outplayed before your eyes is impure. God calls upon you to purify it with his power flowing through you for that is your purpose; your purpose is to bring God's light into this world, into all inharmonious situations, so that he might bring all mis-qualified light into the pure light that I AM. All mis-qualified light on this planet must, and will, be brought back to the pure light of God and we are the ones that have the power given us by God to do it. We are the ones that will raise this planet up into the light of God's pure being and when we accomplish this we will all experience heaven on earth.

God Calls Out

God calls out to us in pure love and light and tells us, "I am the light that lights your path on this earth. Always and in every moment of your waking life here on this planet look to me for your answers, for the answers I give you are permanent and follow my laws, whereas, the laws of this planet, that you have made up to satisfy a false god, are untrue, unreal and fleeting."


A surefire way to know that you are thinking an untruth about a situation is when you are feeling fearful. If your thought is in any way fearful, hateful, depressing, doubtful, and all other negative thoughts in between, that is a sign, in that moment, that what you are thinking is not God's will for you. Fear is untruth. Joy is truth. God's will for you is happiness. God's will for you is wellness. God's will for you is prosperity. God's will for you is love. God's will for you is joy.

St. Patrick's Day 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your loved ones. St. Patrick was an extraordinary saint who, according to "Confessio," was kidnapped at the age of 16 and brought to Ireland as a slave. During captivity he developed and strengthened his relationship with God. After the six years of captivity he had a vision telling him to return to his home where he continued to immerse himself in the teachings of Christ. A few years later he received another vision to return to Ireland to help the people. Maybe, in the beginning, he did not know why such a horrific situation such as slavery should be brought upon him, but when we look deeper we see that it was a divine act, for St. Patrick brought to the people of Ireland the true teachings of Christ. He taught the Irish people that the Kingdom of God was within them and could not be found anywhere outside of themselves. He brought Jesus' true teachings to the people as we are all called to do. When we're celebrating today let's remember the true teachings of St. Patrick and reflect on the God within us. Let's remember who we truly are and why we have come.

In times of crisis

In times of crisis the most challenging thing for us to do is to keep our peace; to keep our connection to the Most High. If we lose our peace we have given in to the prince of this world who, in every moment, is clamoring for our attention. Rest assured that whatever crisis you are witness to is nothing but an image that was created from a lower sense of self. It can not harm you. It is unreal. Look to the real; look to God and you will be set free.

Seeking Approval

When you find yourself seeking the approval of others, whether it be the approval, or recognition, of a parent, a spouse, a friend, an employer, a coworker etc., realize that it is a false desire. The true desire that is hidden beneath this false desire of approval is the true desire to be one with God. It is God's love we ultimately all seek on a deeper level of our being. We, as humans, have perverted this true desire into seeking recognition and approval in this world. So, when you catch yourself doing, saying, thinking or being something that is in line with seeking approval from that which is outside of God remind yourself that it is untrue, remind yourself that it is God you seek, and then realize that you do not need to do anything in order to receive God's unconditional love. He adores you, for he sees you as you truly are.

Martin Luther King Day 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Day to you and your loved ones. Martin Luther King is a symbol of equal rights, of freedom, not just for blacks but for all people of this world - no matter the color of their skin. He preached equal rights for the blacks but on a deeper level he preached freedom of the mind. Freedom to think the thoughts of the part of ourselves that is of God. Thinking from the point of view of God is where true freedom lies. When we freely think from God and get rid of the beam in our own eyes then we can truly see each other as children of God and not what we are on the outside, which has no baring on our true identity. Martin Luther King saw this and he knew this on every level of his being. He was the Light of God as we ALL are. Freedom to think will truly set us free, will truly strip us of all thoughts of inequality. No one can set us free but ourselves. No one can make us feel equal but ourselves. We must not rely on others to free us of our imagined problems or we will bind ourselves to them. We were all born free and equal, and we are all free and equal now. God offers us freedom. It is our choice to accept it. Together, let's set ourselves free from all of our problems, all of our hate, anger, jealousy, envy, pride and all negative emotions towards ourselves and each other. When we do this we will understand what true equality is from the point of view of God.

For a Reason

There are no random acts. God, the Universe, is organized. Things happen for a reason, therefore, if we desire to know the truth behind any given situation we must look for the cause and not at the effect. There are no secrets with God. All that you desire to know is readily available to you and must be revealed when asked. The key is to go within, ask, and then patiently wait for an answer. Do not ask your question in judgement of anyone or anything. The question must be asked from the heart and with love and understanding and must not be asked for the purpose of condemnation. God does not condemn nor judge and thus if we are to be like God, and shine our light, then we must not condemn nor judge. You will receive your answer and you will know that the answer you receive is the truth by the way it makes you feel, for when you are in the state of consciousness that Jesus attained then you have the clear understanding of how and why things happen and thus your heart will be set at ease.

Uplift Your Community

When we take responsibility for our communities, our neighborhoods, we have the power to change them from within. If you are wanting to uplift your neighborhood, your community, because you are seeing things that are not in line with the love of God then know that you have the power to change what you are seeing. Everything begins and ends with you. This is good news because it means that you are in control. Begin to use God's Light to uplift your neighborhood by first shining God's Light through you. Once you do this, shine God's Light upon your neighborhood. Keep your mind pure and filled with only the best for you and your neighborhood. This takes practice, like all things. The more you use the power of the Light of God, the more it will work for you. One person can make a difference. Set time aside everyday, even if it's just 5 minutes to start, and use the Light of God. It works. I've done it in my neighborhood. It will only work if you first try and keep trying and doing until you begin to see changes in yourself and in your neighborhood. Once you see changes you will be pleased and will desire to include the entire Body of God. Trust me, the Light of God works.

Embrace Harmony Today

The God within offers you harmony today. If you are feeling out of sorts in your mind and body embrace the thought that God is offering you harmony, then quiet your mind and demand it be so within you. When there is illness in the mind and body all it means is that you are not thinking and being in line with the God within, you are accepting something about yourself that is not true. Once you realize what it is you have accepted that is untrue and know that in every moment God offers you harmony and you accept and embrace God's offering, the issue you are experiencing will be released. This is the truth.

Working in Harmony

When all parts of the whole, which is you, is working in harmony on all levels of your being, you will receive all the support you can ever imagine from the God within, the Universe. You will be guided and carried along effortlessly. In order for this to happen, you must be balanced in your thinking, your emotions and your actions. You, within yourself, must be working as one being, not a separate being that in one sentence is saying, for example, "I can do anything," and in the next second is thinking, "Well, it actually depends on if I have...." and then your stomach begins to twist. This is not a harmonious way of being. You have just negated your statement that you can do anything. All levels of your being must be one and once you have established this oneness within yourself all of the Universe will rush towards you fulfilling all that you desire. This is the truth.

Our Children

It is up to us as adults to instill in our children that they are Spiritual beings from the onset and not merely human beings.  We all come from God and are expressions of God. They need a foundation to work from and the best foundation and the ONLY real foundation is that they are rooted in God. When they know this they will feel more stable in this world of chaos where so many false ideas are thrown at them everyday. Do not let the false gods of this world, which live in the media, entertainment, traditional religion, corporate and political arenas, tell our children who they are and where they come from. The Truth is God. There is no other Truth.

And the truth shall set you free

"..and the truth shall set you free." What is the truth? The truth is that you are worthy of all that you desire. The truth is that you are prosperous, you are healthy, you are happy, you are joyful, you are plentiful, you are what ever you want to be in the moment you want to be it. Remember the truth and all that you desire will come into fruition. This I know for sure.

The Church

The Pope and the Church are so far removed from what Christ taught. Christ's primary teachings were about the individual, about how we, as INDIVIDUALS, are powerful, about how we can do what he did and more - what did Christ do? He healed the sick in mind and body, he walked on water, he raised the dead, he changed water into wine, he had so much faith in the God within that he could do anything his heart desired. Christ was, and still is, an example of who we are, who we can be and who we should be striving to become. This is what the Pope and Church should be talking about because once we learn and understand that "the Kingdom of Heaven is within US," all that other stuff that the Pope is talking about and insinuating will fall into place. I was raised Catholic but do not follow the church, I follow Christ.