Prayers for Everyone: Strength

Prayers for Everyone™ is a series of books that comprise approximately ten prayers each. Strength (Book 1) is the theme of this particular book and focuses on assisting you in harnessing your inner strength. They will remind you of how strong you truly are both mentally and spiritually. They will remind you of the powerful force that lies within you and is at your disposal in every moment. Reciting these prayers often will bring out the stronger you.

Prayer is a powerful way in which to contact our innate powers. Traditionally, prayer is thought of as asking God, or a Higher Power, for help. In this series of books, prayer is proclaiming who you are and stating it as fact. It is reclaiming your birthright as a powerful being who is meant to receive all that it desires.

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Musings of a Serpent

Musings of a Serpent is a collection of short stories, poems, and writings written by a human and her serpent. It is a creation and joyful interaction between two unlikely souls. The result is an assortment of fun, thought-provoking, magical, and adventurous stories that will bring joy and wonderment to readers as they contemplate how it is a serpent can be as lively and creative as reflected in such tales as The Serpent of the Lake, Among Men, The Daring Frog, and more. The reader will, undoubtedly, walk away with a new sense of appreciation for the serpent as a species.

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