Be a God

Be a God, Prayers for the Intrepid, is an inspirational book of 25 prayers for those who are brave in heart and willing to open their minds to the understanding that we are all manifestations of the one true God. Each prayer is a key to unlocking your consciousness to who you truly are.



Christmas is the delightful story about a boy named Dexter who discovers the true meaning of Christmas and gains a best friend and life long mentor.


you are not black. you are not white. ye are gods

You Are Not Black. You Are Not White. Ye Are Gods is a captivating book that touches on the issues we face as a people being pitted against each other for the purpose of separating us from our God.


prayers for everyone: strength

Prayers For Everyone: Strength is an inspiring and thought-provoking book of 10 prayers that will uplift the reader to the greatness that they already are. Strength is our birthright. It is now our time to realize it. Let it in. (Please note these prayers are not from the Bible. They are non-traditional in nature.)


musings of a serpent

Musings of a Serpent is a collection of short stories, poems, and writings written by a human and her serpent. It is a creation and joyful interaction between two unlikely souls. The result is an assortment of fun, thought-provoking, magical, and adventurous stories that will bring joy and wonderment to readers as they contemplate how it is a serpent can be as lively and creative as reflected in such tales as The Serpent of the Lake, Among Men, The Daring Frog, and more. The reader will, undoubtedly, walk away with a new sense of appreciation for the serpent as a species.