In the words of happy clients:

Every time I speak with Nicole it’s such an eye opener for me. I am led to new truths I never realized before.
— Jordi R.
Get ready for some tough love. One thing Nicole does not do is beat around the bush. She will bring out things that you know about yourself but would never admit to anyone. But the thing with Nicole is that she is so loving that you feel safe and know that she will keep your secrets.
— Todd S.
Nicole is truly my sister in Christ. Speaking with her is so insightful. Sometimes I have a hard time grasping what she says but when I reflect upon it, I begin to understand.
— M. Rodriguez
Thank you for your wisdom and heartfelt understanding of my situation. You are a blessing.
— M. Mary

Spirit Talks are a service to the God within, for the goal is always to uplift the Body of God in which you are a part. A Spirit Talk will uplift you to the next level of consciousness in which you are already on the brink of attaining and will reveal to you new and insightful ways in which to tackle your toughest of issues.

I consider myself your sister, a friend, that desires to help you, and all of her brothers and sisters, reach the point of truth that Jesus did when he proclaimed, "I and my Father are ONE."

Each talk is $111 per 45 minutes payable upfront through PayPal. Please note there are no refunds once payment is received.

Please keep in mind that I am not a psychiatrist or a "professional" mental health counselor or anything along those lines. By agreeing to pay for my service you agree and understand this statement and understand that my services are not to replace any professional advice.For legal purposes under New York State Law, it is understood that all readings/talks are for the purposes of entertainment only.