Nicole Rivera - Spiritualist, Author, Artist in New York City

Nicole Rivera
Spiritualist, Author, Artist working in New York, NY



As a Spiritualist, I seek to always improve upon myself and as I improve I am able to help others on a deeper level. As an Author, I endeavor to assist others with the WORD. Words are very powerful and have an innate ability to affect the reader. I consider it a privilege to be able to bring forth words that will inspire you to the greatness that you already are. As an Artist, I am honored to bring forth images from Spirit that will allow you to connect with your inner being on a more profound level. It is my intention to always awaken within you who you truly are.



I have been on the Spiritual Journey for as long as I can remember. In particular, I have always had a strong relationship with Jesus - since 5 years of age. In all my endeavors, my main focus has been to uplift my spiritual brothers and sisters in any way that I can, assisting them on their journey to wholeness.



Spiritual Talks

I offer Spiritual Talks as a service to you and to the God within, as it is always my goal to uplift the Body of God in which you are a part of. My talks are $33 per 30 minutes.

The talks I offer are based on the teachings of Jesus and my insights from the God within.

I consider myself your sister, a friend, that desires to help you and all of her brothers and sisters reach the point of truth that Jesus did when he proclaimed, "I and my Father are ONE."

To learn more about who I am and my philosophy, please visit my Facebook page and peruse the postings and videos. If you would like to book a talk, please contact me so that we can set up a date and time. I will then send you an invoice through PayPal to be paid prior to our talk. Please note there are no refunds.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to wholeness.

In Love and Light,


Please keep in mind that I am not a psychiatrist or a "professional" mental health counselor or anything along those lines. By agreeing to pay for my service you agree and understand this statement and understand that my services are not to replace any professional advice.




Spiritual Guide to Children

As we are all aware, children are the worlds most precious asset. The reason being because they are the key to bringing the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth. They are the key to this world being filled with the light of God. They are the ones who will effect TRUE change in this world if we will only allow them to, for that is the reason they have come to earth.

As a Spiritual Guide to your child/children, I will teach them about God. I will teach them, as Jesus taught, that the Kingdom of Heaven is Within them. They will learn that they are the Light of God who has come into this world to be that Light of God and to shine it among men. They will learn that they are co-creators with God and that they are powerful beings, Spiritual Beings. They will build their confidence around God and not humanity. They will be strong in God and in themselves. They will remain calm in all situations and be able to utilize the God within for all of their desires and will ultimately take dominion over the earth.

Our children are precious and dear to God and it is the responsibility of us adults to remind them of who they truly are so that they can walk this world in confidence, knowing that they have a Divine purpose to fulfill.

I am currently open to working with two additional families. Please contact me with any questions and to discuss working together (NYC only)

Thank you.